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Trigonidium acuminatum


4` Pot

  • sku: 06361-09130
  • 2Trigonidium-acuminatum
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Trigonidium egertonianum


4` Pot

  • sku: 02310-00522
  • 2a very attractive Maxillaria relative with ribbed 1 1/2` bulbs topped with a pair of shiny slender 14` leaves, numerous basal spikes rise above the foliage each topped with a single tubular 1 1/4` flower, fused sepals flare at the tips giving it a lilylike appearance, bloom is greenish yellow with purple venation, petals are tipped with neon blue and look like eyes. (Additional shipping may apply due to size of plant)
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Trigonidium obtusum


Stick or Slab Mounted Plant

  • sku: 03142-04654
  • 2Trigonidium-obtusum
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Trigonidium tenue (sp mini)


Stick Mounted Plant

  • sku: 03621-01688
  • 2tenue is not a valid name but I will use it here. Looks most like acuminatum but much smaller and from Belize - not South American as acuminatum.
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