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Lemboglossum (Odontoglossum) cervantesii (white)


Stick Mounted Plant

  • sku: 03565-01632
  • 2very beautiful and unique miniature plants with 1` bulbs topped with a 4` leaf, 10` spikes produce up to six large flowers, the 3` well-rounded blooms are crystalline pure white with orange brown concentric rings towards the center, large spade shaped lip is white and basely yellow with red spots, fragile flowers last several weeks
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Lemboglossum (Odontoglossum) ehrenbergii


Stick or Slab Mounted Plant

  • sku: 02125-05532
  • 2like a miniature Lemboglossum rossii, 1` bulbs with 3` leaves produce 2 to 3 blooms on a short spike, the 2` flowers are white with the sepals and base of petals heavily mottled brown, a triangular white lip is tinged with pink
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