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Cyrtochilum (Oncidium) diceratum


Stick Mounted Plant

  • sku: 06740-04518
  • 2Cyrtochilum (Oncidium)-diceratum
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Cyrtochilum (Oncidium) falcipetalum


6` Basket

  • sku: 01963-00145
  • 2mid-sized plant characterized by an extremely long spike (up to 15 `) which can behave much like a vine, up to 30 flowers appear on branches in the upper third of the `vine`, 3` undulated blooms are dark brown with yellow petals. (Additional shipping may apply due to size of plant)
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Cyrtochilum (Oncidium) longipes


4` Basket

  • sku: 07983-07157
  • 23/4 inch yellow and brown flower.
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Cyrtochilum (oncidium) orgale


Bare Root

  • sku: 04003-08757
  • 2Bare root cuttings 2 to 3 bulbs; Long rhizome between growths. Needs very bright light and also very wet and cooler grower; best on large slabs or tree fern poles. Plants get big. Great outdoors in coastal California. Spikes are vine-like.
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Cyrtochilum (Oncidium) undulatum (ventilabrum)


8` Basket

  • sku: 06996-05002
  • 2Cyrtochilum (Oncidium)-undulatum (ventilabrum)
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Cyrtochilum (Oncidium) zebrinum


8` Basket

  • sku: 08861-08634
  • 2These are great climbing plants with long leaders between plantlets. They have long flowering spikes with nice sized showy flowers. They are found around 4000-5500 ft in more open parts of forests along coastal mountain ranges.
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