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Calanthe arisanensis


4` Pot

  • sku: 04086-01773
  • 2a lovely compact evergreen or deciduous in cold climates Calanthe, lustrous green 8` leaves form a rosette, 20` spikes emerge from the center bearing upwards of a dozen beautiful pure white blooms, the 1 3/4` flowers have widely spreading pointed sepals and petals, large tri-lobed undulated lip with faint yellow basal markings, easy growing spring bloomer. Will take hard frost when planted in the ground and well mulched.
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Calanthe cardioglossa


3` Pot

  • sku: 02547-00716
  • 2bulbs will break very easily snapping at the narrow pinched in waist part of the bulb. Do not throw it out , just plant the bulb pieces and they sprout new growths really easily.
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