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Ada (Brassia) aurantiaca


6" Basket

  • sku: 02638-05717
  • 2a compact and cool-growing Brassia relative, this species has dark green strap-shaped leaves up to 10` in length that emerge from 2` pseudobulbs; the 1` tubular flowers are densely borne on multiple, 10` spikes of up to 10 flowers each, and are a startling bright orange-red with pointed, flared tips on the sepals and petals, giving them a slightly starry appearance.
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Ada (Brassia) bennettiorum


4" Basket

  • sku: 05022-01810
  • 2Ada (Brassia)-bennettiorum
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Ada (Brassia) brachypus


Stick or Slab Mounted Plant

  • sku: 06766-04595
  • 2a true mini with 2-1/2` clumping fan-like growths producing short spikes, each carrying several small 1/2` starry green-barred brown flowers with a white lip, nearly always blooming.
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Brassia maculata


Slab Mounted Plant

  • sku: 01907-09189
  • 2robust plant, flower spike is 2`+, spidery 5` to 8` flowers arranged in two vertical rows, green-spotted brown blooms with yellowish lip spotted purple, can bloom autumn and spring, very beautiful and fragrant
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