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 (4049) Coelogyne-species (like pandurata)
Genus: Coelogyne
Species: species (like pandurata)
Indigenous to: Sumatra

have flowered them but can't key it out, growth habit like C. pandurata though smaller in size with bulbs closer together, flattened 4" pseudobulbs topped with a pair of plicate 12" leaves, arching 18" inflorescence emerge with new growth bearing over a dozen 3-1/2" to 4" blooms, the flowers are greenish white with a fantastically intricate undulated lip which is light green with pronounced thin black veins, unforgetable and unidentified. Additional cost for shipping due to size.

Growing Tip: Grow bright, warm and moist year round.

 Blooming Season:
to be Determined
 Light Requirements:
Bright; 2500-3500 Footcandles (very bright indirect light)
Warm to Intermediate;60°F min. to 90°F max.
Easy GrowerEasy Grower
 Catalog number:4049_1740
8" Basket
Blooming Size (mature flowering size plant)
Moist; 3-5 waterings per week (let dry lightly between waterings)

11 Entries returned Page: 2 of 2