Cyrtochilum (Odontoglossum) ramulosum

Cyrtochilum (Odontoglossum)-ramulosum

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  • interesting, cool growing medium-large sized orchid with extremely long erect spikes that can reach 10’ or more are heavily branched and densely flowered; 3/4` tall blooms look almost like an Oncidium-flavored Rodriguezia, but growth habit looks every bit like a clustering type Cyrtochilum; dorsal sepal and petals are incurved to shield the column and are reddish-brown with yellow edging; prominent lateral sepals are also yellow with the same reddish-brown markings where they meet the heavily calloused, gold lip with light brownish spotting. (Additional shipping may apply due to size of plant)
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  • Genus:Cyrtochilum (Odontoglossum)
  • Species:ramulosum