Sobralia mandonii (narrow leaf)

Sobralia-mandonii (narrow leaf)

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  • this outstanding gi-normous terrestrial species is perfect for viewing from one`s balcony, has robust leafy canes that I`ve grown to 13` tall, 2 things I love about this plant are that its tall, it blooms repeatedly with branched auxilliary spikes, spikes bloom for over a month or more, the 4` brilliant magenta flowers, blooms last up to 8 days each, its fragrant - oops - I lost count of the things I love about this plant. PLANTS ARE FOR PICK UP AT NURSERY ONLY DUE TO SIZE. CAN BE TAKEN TO SOME LOCAL SHOWS IN SOUTHERN AND CENTRAL CALIFORNIA FOR PICK UP AT SHOWS
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  • Genus:Sobralia
  • Species:mandonii (narrow leaf)
  • Cultural Tip:Keep moist year round, can handle a good frost.