Cirrhopetalum (Bulbophyllum) longissimum (superior form)

Cirrhopetalum (Bulbophyllum)-longissimum (superior form)

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  • Spectacular species with 8` flowers first discovered in northern Malaysia in 1912, not seen in the wild again until the recent rediscovery of a far superior population in southern Thailand with blooms up to 18`, this shade loving plant has 8` dark green leathery leaves atop a 1` bulb, semi-pendant 8` spikes bear clusters of long narrow delicately striped pale pink hanging sepals with a rocking pastel yellow lip
  • Size:Blooming Size (mature flowering size plant)
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  • Genus:Cirrhopetalum (Bulbophyllum)
  • Species:longissimum (superior form)