Paphiopedilum hirsutissimum  v. esquirolei

Paphiopedilum-hirsutissimum v. esquirolei

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  • an easy-growing, striking species from China with long 14` green, strap-like leaves, the single-flowered 10` spike is densely covered with short purple hairs carrying a 5` fuzzy bloom, dorsal sepal is pale green, centrally glossy golden-brown, its ruffled green petals are speckled with chestnut, turning bright rose-purple on the distal half, the large green pouch is finely spotted with maroon (these are all large multi-growth plants).
  • Size:Blooming Size (mature flowering size plant)
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  • Genus:Paphiopedilum
  • Species:hirsutissimum v. esquirolei