Plocoglottis (Chrysoglossum) quadrifolia (Sumatra purple leaf)

Plocoglottis (Chrysoglossum)-quadrifolia (Sumatra purple leaf)

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  • this still unidentified orchid misfit is allied to the subtribe Collabiinae, a very beautiful and unusual terrestrial, long tapering cylindrical 4` bulbs, topped with plicate 10` striking leaves are shiny greenish-purple above and bright purple below, 24` erect pubescent spikes carry many 1 1/2` strangely attractive blooms that open in succession, flowers are cream heavily overlaid red with a glossy purple lip and fuzzy sidelobes, fantastic plant.
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  • Genus:Plocoglottis (Chrysoglossum)
  • Species:quadrifolia (Sumatra purple leaf)