Monosepalum (Bulbophyllum) dischorense (mini-white streaked leaf)

Monosepalum (Bulbophyllum)-dischorense (mini-white streaked leaf)

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  • this new species is out of this world, 1/2` oval bulbs topped with a 4` fairly broad thick leaf with a blue green top that is heavily streaked white `OOOH`, and bright purple undersides `AAAH`, a fuzzy 5` wiry spike carrying a single pendent alien-looking non-resupinate flower, creamy white finely spotted red 1 1/2` sepals are fused, forming a small swiveling hood surrounding the stationary bizarre lip with downward trailing flat tails `WOW`, truly a strange one from another planet.
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  • Genus:Monosepalum (Bulbophyllum)
  • Species:dischorense (mini-white streaked leaf)