Pleurothallis strupifolia


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  • really really neat plant that everyone should have, short 2` to 4` petioles bear astonishingly beautiful pendant 4` to 12` bluish-green broad leaves, incredible 3` to 5` spikes lie down the midrib of the leaf, exposing tightly sequenced little 1/2` insanely gorgeous blooms; the forward-leaning reverse-curled sepal is white basally striped purple, the broad fused lateral creamy sepals are intensely polka-dotted with purple, the spade-shaped lip is finely peppered red, and framed by its tiny forward-sweeping white translucent red-striped petals
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  • Genus:Pleurothallis
  • Species:strupifolia
  • Cultural Tip:Let dry out between waterings, tolerant of cold temperatures.