Lemboglossum (Odontoglossum) uroskinneri

Lemboglossum (Odontoglossum)-uroskinneri

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  • a magnificent specimen with insanely beautiful flowers, robust 3` flattened bulbs each topped with attractive broad 10` light green leaves, beautifully arching simple spikes as long as 30` produce many rank-and-file 1-3/4` stunning blooms, the well rounded glossy flowers have green tepals heavily overlaid with a rich chestnut brown, the large heart-shaped lip has ruffled margins and is white with intense magenta spotting
  • Size:Blooming Size (mature flowering size plant)
  • Water Care:
  • Mounts:

  • Genus:Lemboglossum (Odontoglossum)
  • Species:uroskinneri
  • Cultural Tip:Keep cool and moist.