Schomburgkia (Myrmecophila) albopurpurea

Schomburgkia (Myrmecophila)-albopurpurea

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  • a salt tolerant (it grows seaside) compact member of this beautiful genus, cone-shaped 8` pseudobulbs are hollow - the better to harbor protective ants, short rounded leathery leaves up to 4` long, 4 ft. spikes often branch at the apical third and bear 20 to 30 superb 2` blooms which open in succession over several months, heavily undulated sepals and petals are creamy white, tubular lip is white with faint purple venation and a dark purple crinkled mid-lobe, easy bright grower.
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  • Genus:Schomburgkia (Myrmecophila)
  • Species:albopurpurea