Schomburgkia (Myrmecophila) grandiflora (tibicinis)

Schomburgkia (Myrmecophila)-grandiflora (tibicinis)

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  • a giant amongst Schomburgkias, 6` to 15` tapered hollow bulbs topped with 2 or 3 leathery oblong leaves, erect giant 8 ft. branching spikes carrying successively blooming 2 1/2` brightly colored flowers, the wavy sepals and petals are magenta with bronze orange tips, large white lip with intense magenta veining on the pronounced curled up side lobes, purple tipped mid lobe and a bright yellow central callus.(Additional shipping may apply due to size of plant)
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  • Genus:Schomburgkia (Myrmecophila)
  • Species:grandiflora (tibicinis)