Genus: Encyclia
Species: altissima
Indigenous to: Bahamas
very upright tall species that likes it really bright and fairly dry growing up to 2 feet tall, erect spikes reach up to 5 feet high with branched panicles carrying tons of very fragrant 2" showy blooms with a widely flared mustard yellow veined purple lip.
Blooming Season:Light:Temperature:Deciduous:
Spring,Summer BloomingBright to Full Sun; 2750-3750 Footcandles (midday shade required)Warm to Intermediate;60°F min. to 90°F max.
Catalog number:Mount:Size:Watering:Price:
7899_6958Stick Mounted PlantBlooming Size (mature flowering size plant)Moist/Dry; 2-4 waterings per week(let dry between waterings)
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