Cirrhopetalum (Bulbophyllum) picturatum

 (6103) Cirrhopetalum (Bulbophyllum)-picturatum
Genus: Cirrhopetalum (Bulbophyllum)
Species: picturatum
Indigenous to: Thailand

a great "Daisy Chain" relative, clumping oval 1" bulbs topped with a thick solitary glossy 5" leaf, upright wiry 6" basal spikes are topped with a conical umbrella-shaped cluster of flowers resembling a pale yellow daisy (thus the name), 1-1/2" flowers have tiny wine-red mobile lips, and reddish petals and dorsal sepal, easy growing and fragrant

 Blooming Season:
Fall and Winter Blooming
 Light Requirements:
Shade to Bright; 1500-2500 Footcandles (indirect light,pronounced shadowing)
Warm to Intermediate;60°F min. to 90°F max.
 Catalog number:6103_3523
4" Basket
Blooming Size (mature flowering size plant)
Moist; 3-5 waterings per week (let dry lightly between waterings)

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Cirrhopetalum (Bulbophyllum) picturatum
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