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Platystele - stenostachya

Platystele - stenostachya
Genus: Platystele
Species: stenostachya
Indigenous to: Mexico
ever-blooming mini-mini in the sense that the plant is small and the flower is really minute, plants form clusters with soft green 1" to 1 1/2" leaves, this small wonder is adorned with dozens of truly small bright yellow 1/16" flowers on short spikes which emerge continuously year round, fine eyesight or a magnifying glass will let you appreciate these beautiful flowers.
Growing Tip:Keep moist.
 Blooming Season: Light: Temperature: Deciduous:
Free Flowering Throughout the YearShade; 500-1500 Footcandles (indirect low light,slight shadowing)Cool,Intermediate to Warm; 40°F min. to 95°F max.(tolerant of extremes,favoring cool)
 Catalog number: Mount: Size: Watering: Price:
2360_562Stick or Slab Mounted PlantBlooming Size (mature flowering size plant)Moist; 3-5 waterings per week (let dry lightly between waterings)
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Platystele - stenostachya
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