Isochilus - major

 (2355) Isochilus-major
Genus: Isochilus
Species: major
Indigenous to: Mexico

similar in all aspects to I. linearis but almost twice the size and more robust-looking, dark-green linear 1-1/4" leaves line the thin 15" canes, upper leaves tend to turn red in higher light, very short apical spikes form a dense head of brilliant purple tubular 2/3" blooms which flower simulataneously on all maturing stems

 Blooming Season:
Free Flowering Throughout the Year
 Light Requirements:
Bright; 2500-3500 Footcandles (very bright indirect light)
Intermediate to Cool; 52°F min. to 80°F max.
Easy GrowerEasy Grower
 Catalog number:2355_557
 Mount:  Size:  Watering:
4" Pot Blooming Size (mature flowering size plant) Potted, Moist; 2-3 waterings per week(let dry slightly between waterings)
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Isochilus - major
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