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Cochlioda - rosea

Cochlioda - rosea
Genus: Cochlioda
Species: rosea
Indigenous to: Peru
found high in the mountains of Peru these delightful miniature plants are seldom taller than 5" with 12" densely flowered spikes producing 1" crystalline rose pink flowers with white columns on a three-lobed pink lip; cool conditions and good water a must
Growing Tip:Cool conditions and good water a must.
 Blooming Season: Light: Temperature: Deciduous:
Winter,Spring BloomingBright to Shade; 2000-3000 Footcandles (bright indirect light,strong shadowing)Cool to Intermediate; 48°F min. to 78°F max.
 Catalog number: Mount: Size: Watering: Price:
1936_3276Stick or Slab Mounted PlantBlooming Size (mature flowering size plant)Daily Watering/Moist; 5-7 waterings per week
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Cochlioda - rosea
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