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 (4078) Bulbophyllum-ovalifolium (red)
Genus: Bulbophyllum
Species: ovalifolium (red)
Indigenous to: Java

mini with a great growth habit and beautiful Masdevallia-like blooms, tiny 1/4` light green bulbs are topped with a 1` light green leaf, numerous wiry 1-1/2` spikes carry a single very attractive flower, glossy 1/2` blooms are orange-red with darker veins, sepals are oval with a goose-bump texture, prominent tongue-shaped dark red 1/4` lip

Growing Tip: Keep very moist year round.

 Blooming Season:
Free Flowering Throughout the Year
 Light Requirements:
Bright; 2500-3500 Footcandles (very bright indirect light)
Intermediate to Warm; 58°F min. to 88°F max.
 Catalog number:4078_1767
Stick or Slab Mounted Plant
Blooming Size (mature flowering size plant)
Moist/Daily Watering; 4-7 waterings per week

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