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 (3310) Maxillaria-lindleyana (sp. "orange")
Genus: Maxillaria
Species: lindleyana (sp. "orange")
Indigenous to: Ecuador

dwarf clumping plant with 5" lanceolate green leaves, free flowering with random flushes of 4" spikes bearing 2" flowers which have spidery tapering forward-leaning bright orange sepals and petals and a bright orange lip

Growing Tip: Keep moist year round.

 Blooming Season:
Free Flowering Throughout the Year
 Light Requirements:
Bright to Shade; 2000-3000 Footcandles (bright indirect light,strong shadowing)
Intermediate; 55°F min. to 85°F max.
 Catalog number:3310_1436
4" Basket
Blooming Size (mature flowering size plant)
Moist/Daily Watering; 4-7 waterings per week

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