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  • One of the most brightly colored of all Madagascan orchids, C. gibbosa has an extremely unusual flower shape and growth habit to match its fascinating color pattern; deciduous orchid that often dies back to a tuberous roots during the winter months, which in spring produces large, oblong, and strappy leaf that is usually spotted purple on immature growths; 12`spikes appear when the plant is in active growth, and bear heads of 5-20, 1-1/2` blooms that are orange sherbet colored with or without purple spots and a quadrilobed lip that fades to cream with a bright lilac spot in the center; lateral sepals have flared tips that sometimes also fade to a creamy color and dorsal sepals and petals form a hood that hides the column; totally awesome. *Plants are completely devoid of foliage typically from September through March, strict winter dry rest is not needed for this species
  • Size:Blooming Size (mature flowering size plant)
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  • Genus:Cynorkis
  • Species:gibbosa