Sobralia caloglossa (wide leaf)

Sobralia-caloglossa (wide leaf)

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  • a wonderful plant easily viewed from one`s treehouse, robust leafy canes that we`ve grown to 18` produce auxilliary branching spikes that will stay in bloom for a month or more, wonderful 4` flowers last up to 8 days apiece, slightly cuppy blooms are rich coppery shiny brown with a beautiful widely flaring ruffled lip with coppery red side lobes becoming purple towards the apex, and contrasting central bright yellow ridges. PLANTS ARE FOR PICK UP AT NURSERY ONLY DUE TO SIZE. CAN BE TAKEN TO SOME LOCAL SHOWS IN SOUTHERN AND CENTRAL CALIFORNIA FOR PICK UP AT SHOWS
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  • Genus:Sobralia
  • Species:caloglossa (wide leaf)
  • Cultural Tip:Keep moist year round, can handle a good frost.