this rare seldom-seen miniature has closely alternating thick 2" flattened green spotted purple leaves; blooms appear on several short dense compact spikes, the beautiful well rounded 1/2" cuppy flowers are soft pink. Ascocentrum / pusillum Cambodia
Belize Brassavola / grandiflora thick flat 6" leaves, 4"+ flowers have apple-green petals and sepals with a pure white flared lip, free blooming and very fragrant at night
Elegant species with broad plicate 12" leaves on a 2" to 3" clumping bulbs. The plant is winter deciduous producing a 12" to 24" arching spike that carries 2" white to pink flowers with either a white or lavender 3 lobbed lip with a yellow center or a darker lavender center, very showy Calanthe / vestita Thailand
Guatemala Coelia (Bothriochilus) / guatemalensis The smallest species of the genus and also the rarest, this treat has 2" conical clumping bulbs topped with 3 to 4 linear foot long leaves, short spike are held elegantly above the bulbs carrying a cluster of 1" tubular hot pink flowers contrasted with bright green floral bracts
Totally awesome mini species with 1/2" tightly clustering flattened bulbs that carry 2 tiny oval bluish grey-green leaves, single showy 1" flowers are wide open and very showy and are waxy snow white with a bright yellow callus on the lip. Reputation is difficult to grow but if you know its habitat it is easy to grow- treat it like a Laelia anceps- very bright and let dry between waterings, handles temperature extremes well but likes to cool down at night- sorry to most of you Floridians and fellow deep southerners. Constantia / cipoensis Brazil
Vietnam Cymbidium / pseudoballianum Rediscovered in Vietnam around 1998 and prior to that was thought to be a natural hybrid - very showy species with very broad leaves for a Cymbidium early bloomer to flowering in July and August for me here in SO CAL. It’s an eburneum type so the growths will continue to grow and flower for multiple years, very fragrant and is also a compact grower.
Another rare and showy Cymbidium that is not seen in the trade often, allied to tracyanum but more compact and also fragrant (Additional shipping may apply due to size of plant) Cymbidium / schroederi Vietnam
Australia Dendrobium / Kingianum Ruth AM/AOS Genus: Dendrobium Species: Kingianum Ruth AM/AOS Indigenous to: Australia
dwarf form Dendrobium / kingianum v. unknown miniature Australia
Burma Dendrobium / loddigesii variegated Easy-growing dwarf plant with branching slender pseudobulbs up to 5" long, produces several fragrant long-lasting 2" pink flowers with a fringed purple-rose lip with an orange disc, a variegated leaf form with white and red marking on its foliage, exceptionaly rare.
this wetter-growing Dendrobium has long arching and pendant, graceful canes which bear clusters of pure white flowers with yellow nectaries through out the year that twinkle in direct sunlight; the 1" blooms have a variable, somewhat mutant shape, hence the name; plant is easy to grow and probably tolerates a wide range of temperatures Dendrobium / mutabile Java
India Dendrobium / nobile var. cooksonianum a beautiful tri-lip form or peloric form of the species
compact plant, strongly ribbed 3" pseudobulbs topped with a single 3" leaf, pendant 1' spikes carry up to 30 flat rounded golden-yellow 2" flowers, very fragrant with the scent of honey, blooms best with slightly drier winter rest Dendrobium / aggregatum (lindleyi) Laos
Thailand Dendrobium / eriaeflorum (darjeelingense) adorable miniature, clumping and quickly becoming specimens, 2" canes bear numerous narrow 2" leaves, each cane produces many short densely flowered spikes that literally bury the plant with blooms, the 1/2" flowers are white with a lime-green lip
a wonderful Dendrobium unicum relative with smaller 1" to 3" stubby deciduous bulbs, dark green 2" leaves alternate up the new growth, short spikes emerge from leafless canes each carrying 2-4 awsome 2-1/2" red orange upside down blooms, thin undulated sepals and petals are twisted with a narrow curved creamy yellow lip heavily veined red, fragrant Dendrobium / lamyaiae Thailand
New Guinea Dendrobium / limpidum (dichaeoides fat bulbs) another charming pendant clumping miniature (similar to but a different sp. than D. dichaeoides creeping type) from the Pedilonum section, thick fleshy cigar shaped stems up to 4" covered rank-and-file with short 1/2" leaves, hot pink tubular 1/2" flowers appear in dense clusters towards the tips of the stems, rather free flowering with blooms that are gorgeous and long lasting
a far-out miniature with terrific color, shape and fragrance, 2" to 4" purplish canes topped with numerous bright green 2" deciduous leaves, multiple short three-flowered spikes emerge from the cane nodes, blooms are up to 2" in diameter, sepals and petals are twisted and brilliant tangerine, cream colored lip heavily marked with purple venation, is tubular and curls back, intense peach aroma, easy grower Dendrobium / unicum Thailand
Bahamas Encyclia / altissima very upright tall species that likes it really bright and fairly dry growing up to 2 feet tall, erect spikes reach up to 5 feet high with branched panicles carrying tons of very fragrant 2" showy blooms with a widely flared mustard yellow veined purple lip.
Genus: Encyclia Species: pyriformis Indigenous to: Cuba Encyclia / pyriformis Cuba
Florida (USA) Epidendrum / magnoliae (conopseum Florida) large form taller plant with a climbing growth habit that stair steps upwards.
an elegant outstanding species, robust 4' canes have 4" dark rich glossy green leaves with purple undersides, terminal branched spikes carry many long lasting 1" blooms, the entire flower including the ovary is a brilliant magenta except the extended 4-lobed butterfly-shaped lip which has central white patch Epidendrum / porphyreum Ecuador
Peru Epidendrum (Nanodes) / longirepens (mini discolor) Genus: Epidendrum (Nanodes) Species: longirepens (mini discolor) Indigenous to: Peru
fantastic plant ,clumping wiry 8" stems with 1" narrow dark green leaves, short often branching appical spikes produce an endless stream of tiny 1/4" pure snow white blooms peppered with bright purple spots Epidendrum / fimbriatum Ecuador
Mexico Laelia / albida 'Blue Boy" Splash petaled lip and sepals with coerulea, established mounted divisions
a beautiful and compact member of this genus with 2" bulbs topped with 2 - 3 plicate leaves reaching up to 12" each, numerous 4" single flowered basal spikes emerge in spring along with the new growth carrying a stunning 2" bloom, the sepals are light green, heavily blotched and spotted red/brown, the large oval petals are crystalline white overlaid with a soft rose, the boat-shaped lip is white with a light peppering of rose Lycaste / brevispatha (angelae) Panama
Mexico Lycaste / cruenta an attractive and floriferous plant, dark green 4" pseudobulbs topped with wide plicate 15" deciduous leaves, 6" spikes emerge at the base of the bulbs before and during the emergence of new growths, spikes are topped with a single long-lasting wide-open 4" bloom, glossy sepals are greenish-yellow, petals are bright orange-yellow and lip is brilliant yellow with crimson spotting, blooms spring to fall, very fragrant
one of Mexico's best Maxillarias, upright climbing growth habit with 2" bulbs with 3-4 basal as well as apical 8" long by 2" wide glossy foliage, short single flowered spikes emerge from maturing growths over several months, the 2" blooms are yellow to red in color with a dark glossy red lip and a contrasting yellow column. (Additional shipping may apply due to size of plant) Maxillaria / elatior Mexico
Panama Maxillaria / scalariformis Genus: Maxillaria Species: scalariformis Indigenous to: Panama
attractive and easy growing member of the genus, clumping tapered olive green 3" bulbs topped with 2 to 3 dark green 12" leaves, 12" basal spikes produce up to a dozen large showy 2 1/2" blooms, sepals and petals are brown with yellow spots, large funnel-shaped flared lip is pure white with red blotching in the throat. Miltonia / candida Brazil
Cuba Oncidium (Tolumnia) / velutinum a miniature equitant with fan-shaped growths spaced every 1" along a creeping rhizome, curved 2" leaves, 6" spikes carry many 3/4" blooms, sepals and petals are pink with a brown base, four-lobed lip is lavender with a yellow crest.
Really awesome and rare twig epiphytic miniatre with pine needle like leaves only 2" to 4" long, short spikes with 1" lemon yellow flowers with a sharply serrated edge broad lip. Oncidium (Tolumnia) / calochilum Dominican Republic
Mexico Osmoglossum / convallarioides Genus: Osmoglossum Species: convallarioides Indigenous to: Mexico
narrow leaves with bright red clusters of hanging berries Plant Anthurium / bakeri Panama
Colombia Pleurothallis / endotrachys another very attractive member of this genus which has a Masdevallia-like growth-habit , clumping upright glossy light-green 5" leaves, erect 5" spikes carry 10 blooms which open in succession, velvety triangular 1/2" flowers are deep orange with a small dark orange lip and blooms almost continuously for many months, makes any fruit fly absolutely weak at the knees.
Genus: Pleurothallis Species: pubescens (Mexico) Indigenous to: Mexico Pleurothallis / pubescens (Mexico) Mexico
Colombia Pleurothallis / rowleei Dark Andy really likes this one, extra-cute species with wiry 4" stems each topped with a single cordate leaf, flush blooming inflorescences are semi-pendulous with up to 15 burgundy 1/2" blooms, the elongated dorsal and fused lateral sepals are widely spreading with tiny drooping dog-ear petals that have finely serrated margins, minute lip is still minute
Genus: Podochilus Species: muricatus Indigenous to: Java Podochilus / muricatus Java
Tanzania Polystachya / subdiphylla Genus: Polystachya Species: subdiphylla Indigenous to: Tanzania
this entire genus of miniatures belongs in a Star Trek episode, Masdevalia growth habit with light green fairly wide 5" leaves, spikes emerge above the foliage and produce consecutive complex 3/4" blooms over many months, fused lateral bright yellow sepals look like the horns of a Cape Buffalo with a bright purple base, inverted dorsal sepal is purple, exotic and free flowering. Scaphosepalum / grande Ecuador
Vietnam Schoenorchis / tixieri Allied to S. fragrans a real mini-miniature delight, very compact with a vandaceous growth habit with 1/2" rough reddish-purple leaves and thick white warty roots, condensed 1/2" bunches of brilliant lavender 1/8" flowers, a tough durable plant
Genus: Schoenorchis Species: scolopendria sp. creeping (China) Indigenous to: China Schoenorchis / scolopendria sp. creeping (China) China
Colombia Symphyglossum (cochlioda) / sanguineum spikes from 1' to3' produce pendent clouds of cute long lasting, 1/2" bright pink-purple, crystalline flowers with a unique shape can appear at any time of year on this cool-growing, medium sized plant; cuppy petals stay closed over the whitish column and lip and give the flowers a hooded appearance.
Nearly always blooming delightful dwarf species with bluish green ovate 1 1/2" leaves on wiry 3" sheathed stems, short densely flowered spikes emerge from the base of the undersides of the leaves, with 1/8" open birds-beak shaped cabernet-copper and yellow colored flowers with a wobbly lip Trichosalpinx / sp. (Costa Rica) Costa Rica
Philippines Tuberolabium (Saccolabium) / escritorii Genus: Tuberolabium (Saccolabium) Species: escritorii Indigenous to: Philippines