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silvery green foliage on pear-shaped bulbs, spikes up to 18" have 10 to 25 long-lived bright orange to deep scarlet flowers, the flat blooms are 2" in diameter and have a narrow bright yellow lip, truly beautiful but has special needs: this spectacular plant is a definite cool/wet grower i.e., air-conditioned homes or offices Encyclia / vitellina.
Stick Mounted Plant
Panama Oncidium / zelenkoanum.
4" Basket
Genus: Oncidium Species: zelenkoanum Indigenous to: Panama
Floriferous clumping species, one inch narrow bulbs topped with plicate thinly textured pale green 4 to 6 inch leaves, basil short spikes are continuously produced carrying 1 to 4 overly large 3 inch flowers, petals and sepal are cream spotted with carmine red spots and blotches, column is yellow and the anchor shaped lip is white spotted red tipped with frilly white papillae. Warm, moist and shade is what this desirable species likes best. Paphinia / rugosa.
4" Basket
Ecuador Porroglossum / aureum.
Slab Mounted Plant
Genus: Porroglossum Species: aureum Indigenous to: Ecuador
this great truly bizarre genus is closely allied to Masdevallias, this species has clumping dark green 4" foliage, radiating short spikes are successive-flowering, the bizarre 3/4" blooms are blood red , the lateral sepals form a pair of water buffalo-like horns with minutely fanged tips, the grotesque dorsal sepal has an erect purple tip Scaphosepalum / anchoriferum (fortuna rojo).
4" Basket
Ecuador Scaphosepalum / breve.
2" Pot
this is a great miniature species with Martian-like blooms closely related to Masdevallias, clumping foliage up to 4"; radiating spikes up to 5" are successive-flowering, the bizarre 1" blooms have creamy yellow v-shaped horn-like tails coming out of a purple-striped body that frame the inverted fingerlike purple dorsal sepal tip