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an extremely spicy sweet fragrant and attractive Encyclia, allied to E. fragrans, ovoid 2 1/2" bulbs topped with up to three arching 8" light green leaves, 4" apical spikes carrying up to 10 densely clustered flowers, 1 1/2" blooms are greenish white with an upturned shell shaped lip that is white with radiating purple lines Encyclia / chacaoensis.
4" Basket
Nepal Eria (Conchidium) / extinctorium.
Stick or Slab Mounted Plant
Genus: Eria (Conchidium) Species: extinctorium Indigenous to: Nepal
an attractive species known as the Coconut Orchid due to its intense fragrance, 1" egg-shaped flattened bulbs closely spaced on an ascending rhizome carry a single linear grass-like 14" leaf, short basal spikes emerge from the rhizome producing a single 2" triangular flower, the deep red sepals have yellow margins, lip is cream with red blotches, very fragrant. (Additional shipping may apply due to size of plant) Maxillaria / tenuifolia.
6" Basket
Ecuador Pleurothallis / rostratissima (cypripedioides dark).
Stick or Slab Mounted Plant
Genus: Pleurothallis Species: rostratissima (cypripedioides dark) Indigenous to: Ecuador
Genus: Porroglossum Species: aureum Indigenous to: Ecuador Porroglossum / aureum.
Slab Mounted Plant
Ecuador Scaphosepalum / swertifolium (red spot).
2" Pot
Genus: Scaphosepalum Species: swertifolium (red spot) Indigenous to: Ecuador