this is a nwely named species that is like a more compact version of D. atroviolaceum, long lasting fragrant, creamy white blossoms with pointed purple spotted & striped lips are long-lasting and have a shape and appearance typical of other Dendrobiums of the Latourea section; lip is veined around the column, the sepals and petals usually have purplish spotting. Dendrobium / normanbyense (atroviolaceum pygmy).
Stick Mounted Plant
New Guinea
Thailand Dendrobium / oligophyllum.
Stick Mounted Plant
Genus: Dendrobium Species: oligophyllum Indigenous to: Thailand
a great mini-miniature which forms dense patches of short cylindrical 1-1/2" leaves on creeping rhizomes, short single-flowered spikes rise from the base, cute little 1/4" flowers are nestled amoungst the leaves, blooms are creamy pink with red striations, prominent lip is bright orange, fragrant, very easy to grow and flower Dendrobium / prenticei.
Stick Mounted Plant
Thailand Dendrobium / unicum.
Stick Mounted Plant
a far-out miniature with terrific color, shape and fragrance, 2" to 4" purplish canes topped with numerous bright green 2" deciduous leaves, multiple short three-flowered spikes emerge from the cane nodes, blooms are up to 2" in diameter, sepals and petals are twisted and brilliant tangerine, cream colored lip heavily marked with purple venation, is tubular and curls back, intense peach aroma, easy grower
a very petite miniature member of this delightful genus, 1" bulbs topped with a lanceolate 3" leaf, pendant 6" apical spikes emerge with the new growth carrying a chain of up to 3 dozen 1/4" blooms, flowers are crystalline yellowish-green with a cream-colored lip and orange/brown marks, fragrant easy grower Dendrochilum / gracile.
2" Pot
New Guinea Mediocalcar / decoratum.
Slab Mounted Plant
fantastic creeping miniature, awesome in all respects, forms dense spreading mats of very unorchid-like plants, bulbs look like links of 1/2" sausages, each is topped with 3 or 4 terete 1/2" leaves, terminal spikes emerge from new growths with single beautiful bell-like 1/2" blooms, bulbous flowers are bright orange with pinched yellow tips.
Genus: Platystele Species: erectoglossa (dasyglossa) Indigenous to: Colombia Platystele / erectoglossa (dasyglossa).
Slab Mounted Plant
Ecuador Pleurothallis / rostratissima (cypripedioides dark).
Stick or Slab Mounted Plant
Genus: Pleurothallis Species: rostratissima (cypripedioides dark) Indigenous to: Ecuador
Genus: Porroglossum Species: aureum Indigenous to: Ecuador Porroglossum / aureum.
Slab Mounted Plant
Ecuador Scaphosepalum / swertifolium (red spot).
2" Pot
Genus: Scaphosepalum Species: swertifolium (red spot) Indigenous to: Ecuador