Genus: Dendrobium Species: oligophyllum Indigenous to: Thailand Dendrobium / oligophyllum.
Stick Mounted Plant
Australia Dendrobium / prenticei.
Stick Mounted Plant
a great mini-miniature which forms dense patches of short cylindrical 1-1/2" leaves on creeping rhizomes, short single-flowered spikes rise from the base, cute little 1/4" flowers are nestled amoungst the leaves, blooms are creamy pink with red striations, prominent lip is bright orange, fragrant, very easy to grow and flower
very rare with a beautiful red flower Dendrochilum / saccolabium.
4" Basket
Colombia Platystele / erectoglossa (dasyglossa).
Slab Mounted Plant
Genus: Platystele Species: erectoglossa (dasyglossa) Indigenous to: Colombia
Genus: Pleurothallis Species: rostratissima (cypripedioides dark) Indigenous to: Ecuador Pleurothallis / rostratissima (cypripedioides dark).
Stick or Slab Mounted Plant
Ecuador Porroglossum / aureum.
Slab Mounted Plant
Genus: Porroglossum Species: aureum Indigenous to: Ecuador
Genus: Scaphosepalum Species: swertifolium (red spot) Indigenous to: Ecuador Scaphosepalum / swertifolium (red spot).
2" Pot