One of the most brightly colored of all Madagascan orchids, C. gibbosa has an extremely unusual flower shape and growth habit to match its fascinating color pattern; deciduous orchid that often dies back to a tuberous roots during the winter months, which in spring produces large, oblong, and strappy leaf that is usually spotted purple on immature growths; 12"spikes appear when the plant is in active growth, and bear heads of 5-20, 1-1/2" blooms that are orange sherbet colored with or without purple spots and a quadrilobed lip that fades to cream with a bright lilac spot in the center; lateral sepals have flared tips that sometimes also fade to a creamy color and dorsal sepals and petals form a hood that hides the column; totally awesome Cynorkis / gibbosa.
2" Pot
Thailand Dendrobium / oligophyllum.
Stick Mounted Plant
Genus: Dendrobium Species: oligophyllum Indigenous to: Thailand
a great mini-miniature which forms dense patches of short cylindrical 1-1/2" leaves on creeping rhizomes, short single-flowered spikes rise from the base, cute little 1/4" flowers are nestled amoungst the leaves, blooms are creamy pink with red striations, prominent lip is bright orange, fragrant, very easy to grow and flower Dendrobium / prenticei.
Stick Mounted Plant
Philippines Dendrochilum / filiforme.
4" Basket
the original necklace orchid, 1" bulbs topped by 5" straight and narrow leaves, multiple pendulous 18" spikes with up to 100 rank-and-file tightly arranged crystalline 1/4" golden-yellow flowers on each, quickly forms a specimen plant, very fragrant.
one of the showiest Habenarias, small terrestrial tuber produces a rosette of lanceolate 3" leaves in springtime, densely flowered spikes up to 10" appear in summer, distinctive 1 1/2" blooms have a large four-lobed pink lip, small greenish sepals and 2" spur, completely dormant in winter, needs dry rest Habenaria / ericmichaelii (rhodocheila pink).
2" Pot
Cambodia Habenaria / xanthochila (yellow).
2" Pot
Genus: Habenaria Species: xanthochila (yellow) Indigenous to: Cambodia
A stunningly beautiful Brazilian species with semi clustering 3" fusiform bulbs surrounded with a hand full of foot long pretty leaves, late summer to fall blooming, upright to arching 18" spikes carry up to 6 well spaced 3" flowers that are flat and well rounded, sepals and petals are greenish yellow with a large lip that is a lovely white with a yellow callus, blooms are wonderfully scented of a floral soap. Miltonia / regnellii var. alba.
Stick or Slab Mounted Plant
Colombia Platystele / erectoglossa (dasyglossa).
Slab Mounted Plant
Genus: Platystele Species: erectoglossa (dasyglossa) Indigenous to: Colombia
Genus: Porroglossum Species: aureum Indigenous to: Ecuador Porroglossum / aureum.
Slab Mounted Plant
Ecuador Scaphosepalum / swertifolium (red spot).
Bare Root
Genus: Scaphosepalum Species: swertifolium (red spot) Indigenous to: Ecuador
Stenoglottis macloughlini nifty easy-to-grow and prolific little deciduous orchid from South Africa, clump-forming plant with rosettes whose narrow 2" crystalline light-green leaves emerge in the spring followed closely by a 4" to 6" densely flowered spike with disgustingly cute 1/3" blooms that are pale pink with a relatively large 3-lobed lip peppered with basal purple spots. Stenoglottis / macloughlini (woodsii).
2" Pot
South Africa
Colombia Symphyglossum (cochlioda) / sanguineum.
Stick Mounted Plant
spikes from 1' to3' produce pendent clouds of cute long lasting, 1/2" bright pink-purple, crystalline flowers with a unique shape can appear at any time of year on this cool-growing, medium sized plant; cuppy petals stay closed over the whitish column and lip and give the flowers a hooded appearance.