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8814Fern PyrrosiapiloselloidesLaos
Fern  Pyrrosia - piloselloides
Genus: Fern Pyrrosia
Species: piloselloides
Indigenous to: Laos
smooth round olong green leaf
 Blooming Season: Light: Temperature: Deciduous:
Shade to Bright; 1500-2500 Footcandles (indirect light,pronounced shadowing)Warm,Intermediate to Cool;45°F min. to 98°F max.(tolerant of extremes,favoring warm)
MiniatureMiniature VivariumVivarium
 Catalog number: Mount: Size: Watering: Price:
8814_8538Treefern Pole Mounted PlantBlooming Size (mature flowering size plant)Moist/Daily Watering; 4-7 waterings per week
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