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 (6686) Stenoglottis-macloughlini (woodsii)
Genus: Stenoglottis
Species: macloughlini (woodsii)
Indigenous to: South Africa

Stenoglottis macloughlini nifty easy-to-grow and prolific little deciduous orchid from South Africa, clump-forming plant with rosettes whose narrow 2" crystalline light-green leaves emerge in the spring followed closely by a 4" to 6" densely flowered spike with disgustingly cute 1/3" blooms that are pale pink with a relatively large 3-lobed lip peppered with basal purple spots.

 Blooming Season:
Summer,Fall Blooming
 Light Requirements:
Bright; 2500-3500 Footcandles (very bright indirect light)
Cool,Intermediate to Warm; 40°F min. to 95°F max.(tolerant of extremes,favoring cool)
 Catalog number:6686_4438
2" Pot
Blooming Size (mature flowering size plant)
Potted, Moist; 2-3 waterings per week(let dry slightly between waterings)

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