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2301Stenorrhynchos (Spiranthes)glicensteinii (Mexico)Mexico
Genus: Stenorrhynchos (Spiranthes)
Species: glicensteinii (Mexico)
Indigenous to: Mexico
a beautiful rosette of dark-green leaves, this semi-deciduous plant shoots up a bright red 12" spike with a dense head of 1 1/2" brilliant red flower bracts and pointed tubular 1" red flowers, the small lip is a contrasting white, stunning effect.
Blooming Season:Light:Temperature:Deciduous:
Fall and Winter BloomingBright; 2500-3500 Footcandles (very bright indirect light)Intermediate to Cool; 52°F min. to 80°F max.
Catalog number:Mount:Size:Watering:Price:
2301_5134" PotBlooming Size (mature flowering size plant)Potted, Moist; 2-3 waterings per week(let dry slightly between waterings)
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