We mount our epiphytic orchids on harwood braches, cork bark, or rocks, so their roots are freely exposed to water and air as in nature. Orchids on a stick are atractive and natural-looking, never need repotting, and are next to impossible to overwater.

Here are some of my favorites.
Andy's favorite Barkeria, stocky very thick-rooted 3"-5" clumping deciduous stems, spring blooming 6" spikes with 2 1/2" variable colored flowers ranging from white to dark pink with large flat purple-spotted lip Barkeria / spectabilis Guatemala
Ecuador Cochlioda / vulcanica This superlative compact Oncidium relative has clustering 2" flattened bulbs with attractive 5" dark green leaves, multiple simple or branched spikes from 8" to 16", carrying many crystalline hot pink 2" flowers with a prominent three-lobed white pink-tipped lip
A dwarf form with darker pink purple flowers and canes up to 10" long, blooms in June to July, tolerates cooler winter temperatures Dendrobium / aphyllum ssp latifolium Nepal
Burma Dendrobium / loddigesii variegated Easy-growing dwarf plant with branching slender pseudobulbs up to 5" long, produces several fragrant long-lasting 2" pink flowers with a fringed purple-rose lip with an orange disc, a variegated leaf form with white and red marking on its foliage, exceptionaly rare.
this wetter-growing Dendrobium has long arching and pendant, graceful canes which bear clusters of pure white flowers with yellow nectaries through out the year that twinkle in direct sunlight; the 1" blooms have a variable, somewhat mutant shape, hence the name; plant is easy to grow and probably tolerates a wide range of temperatures Dendrobium / mutabile Java
India Dendrobium / nobile var. cooksonianum a beautiful tri-lip form or peloric form of the species
wonderfully floriferous plant, leafy 18" canes bear multitudes of 10" spikes, each spike carries 8 to 12 blooms, these white 2-1/2" flowers are characterized by their green antenna-like petals and violet striated lip, ever-blooming, loves to grow very bright and warm. (Additional shipping may apply due to size of plant) Dendrobium / antennatum New Guinea
New Guinea Dendrobium / normanbyense (atroviolaceum pygmy) this is a nwely named species that is like a more compact version of D. atroviolaceum, long lasting fragrant, creamy white blossoms with pointed purple spotted & striped lips are long-lasting and have a shape and appearance typical of other Dendrobiums of the Latourea section; lip is veined around the column, the sepals and petals usually have purplish spotting.
A recently discovered showy species closely allied to Dendrobium bracteosum, clustering 4" to 6" tapering canes are semi-deciduous, many short densely flowered spikes produce upright cones of 1" flowers that are highly variable in color, ranging from pure white to pink to dark purple, it differs from bracteosum in its smaller stature, slightly larger flowers, and dark red lip - blooms last for many months Dendrobium / tanii Moluccas
Bahamas Encyclia / altissima very upright tall species that likes it really bright and fairly dry growing up to 2 feet tall, erect spikes reach up to 5 feet high with branched panicles carrying tons of very fragrant 2" showy blooms with a widely flared mustard yellow veined purple lip.
Encyclia / pyriformis Cuba
Florida (USA) Epidendrum / magnoliae (conopseum Florida) large form taller plant with a climbing growth habit that stair steps upwards.
Epidendrum (Nanodes) / longirepens (mini discolor) Peru
Mexico Laelia / albida 'Blue Boy" Splash petaled lip and sepals with coerulea, established mounted divisions
an awesome miniature, easy growing and very floriferous, clustered 1/2" bulbs with curved terete semi-pendant 3" leaves, 1/2" spikes emerge from the top of the bulbs carrying up to 4 white 2" blooms, outspread and narrow sepals and petals, lip is white, tipped with amethyst purple and a yellow base, aromatic seed pods can be used to produce vanilla Leptotes / bicolor Brazil
Japan Neofinetia / falcata (Onamisecai) monotypic genus in my opinion, lovely 5" tall miniature with Vanda-like growth-habit, dark-green flat oval 3" leaves, branches freely from lower leaf axils forming multiple growths, free-flowering with 3 to 7 blooms on short spikes, gorgeous pure white 1 1/4" flowers, was considered sacred by Samurai in Japan, extremely sweet fragrance, easy grower.
a miniature Oerstedella rarely exceeding 1 ft. in height, thin purple-warted canes with 2" thin linear leaves, plant freely branches and quickly becomes a specimen, long-lasting flowers appear in mid-winter and spring, 1" blooms appear in dense clusters on the apex of all growths, pink petals with a lilac bilobed lip, puts on a great display. Oerstedella (Epidendrum) / centradenia Costa Rica
Cuba Oncidium (Tolumnia) / velutinum a miniature equitant with fan-shaped growths spaced every 1" along a creeping rhizome, curved 2" leaves, 6" spikes carry many 3/4" blooms, sepals and petals are pink with a brown base, four-lobed lip is lavender with a yellow crest.
Pleurothallis / pubescens (Mexico) Mexico
Tanzania Polystachya / subdiphylla
Allied to S. fragrans a real mini-miniature delight, very compact with a vandaceous growth habit with 1/2" rough reddish-purple leaves and thick white warty roots, condensed 1/2" bunches of brilliant lavender 1/8" flowers, a tough durable plant Schoenorchis / tixieri Vietnam
Costa Rica Trichosalpinx / sp. (Costa Rica) Nearly always blooming delightful dwarf species with bluish green ovate 1 1/2" leaves on wiry 3" sheathed stems, short densely flowered spikes emerge from the base of the undersides of the leaves, with 1/8" open birds-beak shaped cabernet-copper and yellow colored flowers with a wobbly lip
Tuberolabium (Saccolabium) / escritorii Philippines
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