A NOTE FROM SpeciesNut@AndysOrchids.com

Encinitas, California
Dear Orchid Friends, 

People who know me might say that I go wild over any, and all, orchids, but some genera are especially close to my heart. I’m excited to tell you that more of my favorites are in our summer 2000 catalog. I’ve been holding on to a lot of these plants, growing them on until they are well-established and just right for you. The time has come!  We’ve added exotic Bulbophyllums and Cirrhopetalums native to Vietnam and Indonesia; these blooms are as close to an ‘alien life form’ as I’ve seen (and some come with other-worldly scents to match!). You’ll also find a lot of new, mature Paphiopedilums native to Southeast Asia listed here; these are bloom-sized, and very competitively priced. If you are a miniature orchid lover, take a look at the fascinating Pleurothallids we’ve just added. 

With it’s almost infinite varieties and brilliantly-colored, long-lasting flowers, my favorite genus for the moment is Dendrobium. We’ve just added numerous species including Dendrobium capillipes, selected clones of Den. cuthbertsonii (AM/AOS parents), Den. laevifolium.  Whether you grow in a greenhouse, outdoors or on a windowsill, grow in cool temperatures or warm, want a show-stopping giant or a breathtaking miniature, there is a Dendrobium for YOU!   Rounding out the list of new additions: Habenaria rhodochila (orange and pink forms), a Laelia pumila relative, the miniature L. alaorii, a new Holcoglossum from Vietnam, some new Lycastes and Laelia autumnalis. Be sure to get a good collection of our bloom-sized Mexican Laelias now, since they will all be in spike this fall. What a show! 

Do you wonder whether a plant will fit into the growing environment you can provide?  Or have a question about how to care for your new plant? Call me!  Especially if you are new to orchids and just beginning to acquire plants, please do call me, and we will ‘custom fit’ you for the perfect orchid!  I sincerely want our plants to go to good homes where they will be enjoyed for a long time. While I’m delighted with our customer response, I am not in the business of just selling plants; the real satisfaction for me is making sure the plant thrives, and having a happy, well-informed customer. 

This April marked my first show on the East Coast, the Spring Fling and AOS Trustees meeting in Clearwater, FL. I’d like to thank our customers who stopped by, both new and old, for helping make Spring Fling such a successful show for us.

Come see us at these upcoming shows this fall 

SAN FRANCISCO – Orchids in the Park,  Oct 7 and 8, 2000
SAN DIEGO – San Diego International Orchid Fair,  Oct 14 and 15, 2000
WILLIAMSBURG, VA - Eastern Orchid Congress and AOS Trustees Meeting,  Oct 19-22, 2000
LOS ANGELES – New Otani East-West Orchid Show,   Oct 27-29, 2000

We wish you all “GOOD ORCHID GROWING”