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Genus: Vanda
Species: tricolor
Indigenous to: Philippines
as the name suggests, this handsome and large species has flowers with three colors (white, purple, and brown); 3" sweetly fragrant blooms reminiscent of jasmine are waxy and often have marginated edges on the spotted brown sepals and petals; brown contrasts beautifully with the fleshy magenta/lavender lip.
Blooming Season:Light:Temperature:Deciduous:
Spring,Summer BloomingBright to Full Sun; 2750-3750 Footcandles (midday shade required)Warm,Intermediate to Cool;45°F min. to 98°F max.(tolerant of extremes,favoring warm)
Catalog number:Mount:Size:Watering:Price:
5001_61685" PotBlooming Size (mature flowering size plant)Potted, Moist/Dry; 1-3 waterings per week(let dry between waterings)
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1 Entries returned Page: 1 of 1